By Sarah Stewart Legal Group

Homeshare sites like AirBnB and HomeAway have grown in popularity over the last few years.  In response to this growth, many cities have enacted regulations and requirements for people to list their extra rooms on homeshare sites. Oklahoma has not updated its policies regarding homeshares in several years.

Due to the lack of homeshare friendly regulations, even renting out 1 bedroom in your home leaves you subject to Oklahoma City’s bed and breakfast regulations.

So, what do you have to do to legally list your Oklahoma City room(s) on a homeshare site?

(1) Residence

The home you are listing on the site must be where you live most of the time, your primary residence.

(2) Zoning and Licensing

You will need to get a permit for special zoning from the City. You also need licenses from the City. If you are regularly leasing out your home, you may need a commercial zoning permit, which can cost about $2,700 per year. You can call the City at 405-297-2623 for more information.

You may also need licensing from the Oklahoma County Health Department, especially if you are serving food.  You will need an OK County Health Dept inspection.

(3) Taxes

If you list on a homeshare site, you will be responsible for sales tax and could be responsible for a 5.5% hotel tax.

(4) Building Codes

If you are renting more than 4 bedrooms out, you may need a review for International Building Code compliance. You may also be subject to fire marshal inspections and Americans with Disabilities Act regulations if the rental has more than 4 bedrooms.

Though it is tempting to make a little extra money by renting out your spare bedroom, be sure you know the law and the consequences of breaking that law before you list your homeshare.

Please note, this article applies to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma only.  Other cities and states will have different laws for you to follow.